Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out of Commission

But Not Quite Down for the Count

Most of you probably remember pre-cable television days.  Every so often in the middle of a program the screen would go blank or snowy for a minute or two, and then a blocky, rainbow-striped backdrop would appear, with the phrase "Technical Difficulties.  Please stand by."

I'm having technical difficulties myself today—not with actual technology, more with my brain.  Another head-cold has brought on a big fibromyalgia and CFS flare, and suddenly trying to combine words into sentences has become very, very complicated, and resting seems like a very, very wise alternativve.

I promise that when I get back to writing a real post, I won't do what they did in pre-cable television days and "resume the regularly scheduled program in progress," skipping over all the important, juicy bits and cuing back in just in time for the commercial break and end credits. 

[Open to ideas for clinching one-liner here...]


  1. South Africa was so late getting TV, that we used to watch the test pattern. (Nowadays I haven't looked at it for months, years)

  2. Stacy - get better real soon. Please return to the airwaves a quickly as possible. Will miss your timely updates on life in the microcosm...


  3. Take all the time you need, Stacy. I empathize, for sure, and will hold you in the light. Blessings and peace to you.
    Jan Lyn

  4. Been there, do that more often than I'd like to admit. I used to write original material for my blog every single day, sometimes more than one entry. Now I'm lucky to come up with an original post every month. But I'm confident you will be wowing us again very soon. Even your "off" days wow us.

  5. Diana--Watching the test pattern does sound a little...dull? :)

    Mark--Thank you so much! You're always so kind--it's much appreciated.

    Jan Lyn--Thank you. I'm very fortunate to be able to plug along slowly and steadily most of the time and seem to be recovering from this flare fairly quickly. I hope to return to my internet communities soon!

    klbrowser--Yes, you and Jan Lyn known the drill all too well, alas. Thanks for the vote of confidence--you should have seen what I *didn't* post... :)